Covid-19 updates


This advice will be updated as the need arises
What Extraordinary Times!

Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays 
advises all guests to exercise maximum caution during this global story of our lifetime. 

A story that we hope has reached its peak. 


The Queensland State Government has announced the above Road Map out of interstate lock-down. It is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE to note that the dates are linked to EXPECTED vaccination targets being reached. The dates ARE NOT SET IN CONCRETE. From information at hand, FEE MOVEMENT will be permitted for all double dosed / vaccinated guests (with approved Australian TGA vaccinations). 

PRO CHOICE (And living with our choices): We support everyone’s right to a free choice. If you have chosen to not get vaccinated, this is your personal right. If you still wish to charter with us unvaccinated, this is also your free choice. To ensure everyone’s choices are respectfully honoured, we ask all of our unvaccinated guests to afford us the same level of respect when it comes to our personal and business choices. You will need to ‘Sign-In’ with Queensland’s QR Code at the time of boarding. You will be required to wear masks throughout your briefing, whenever at the Coral Sea Marina or around guests from other boats. Once you are sailing the Ngaro Sea Country of the wonderful Whitsundays, you are mask free throughout your charter. NOTE: Visiting resorts may be problematic, as their private island status may incur stricter rules. It’s best to avoid suck resorts during your charter. 


NOTE: Our generous Rescheduling Covid guarantee does not apply to those who have chosen not to get vaccinated. Following the international and Australian Health Authorities advice is the simplest way of complying with the terms of our Covid guarantee. NOTE: This is a Global Government decision; And they yield slightly more governance than our small Aussie bespoke business. 


SAFETY: For our guests safety and comfort, please know that all of our staff, contractors and associates have been fully vaccinated inline with the Health Advice.

Far North Queensland continues to lead the way with our pandemic neutral identity being maintained throughout the past 2 years. 


FLIGHTS: Flights in and out of the Whitsundays Coast Airport (Proserpine – PPP) are at normal levels.

All of the above information is based on best and current information provided to Portland Roads Sailing the Whitsundays from state and federal tourism authorities.


All guests of Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays, regardless of the original terms of purchase, are still permitted to reschedule their holiday away from any government prescribed domestic travel shut down period. In other words, if the borders are closed at the time of your confirmed charter, you are permitted to change your booking to another date.

Regardless of the original terms and conditions, (at the time of purchase), there will be NO Fees or Charges to make such changes to your holiday.

If you have paid our normal charter pricing for your holiday (our normal website RRP), and if the borders are closed at the time of your booking – You have the choice of rescheduling or a refund.  This refund is available to you in full.  


NOTE: If you have purchased your charter through a third party discount booking agency (such as Luxury Escapes, Travel Zoo, Whitsundays Yacht Charters) or directly through us at discounted pricing, then you are only permitted to reschedule your holiday charter (and only if borders are closed during the dates of your holiday charter) 

To make changes, please contact your booking agent, or the team here at Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays on 1300 991 474 or via email at sailing@portlandroadswhitsundays.com.au


We have an active COVID-SAFE Plan in place
Our business is COVID-Clean certified!

All of our team; From our extraordinary turn-around teams to our briefers – Have downloaded the COVID-SAFE App and have sat the TAFE course in line with our COVID-SAFE Plan. Our cleaning regime has changed inline with regulations and much red-tape has been added to the process. To give our teams adequate time to fulfil the health guidelines, our Late Finish Option has been removed from your chartering options. 

We are blessed with the fact that the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays, Proserpine and Airlie Beach have not been affected by the pandemic.

In line with the Australian Department of Health Guidelines 
Our vessels have always been cleaned and disinfected during strict turn-arounds. Our turn-arounds have always exceeded even the new strict COVID-SAFE practices being enforced.  We also supply each vessel with hand sanitiser / disinfectant in the galley and at the helm. We also provide appropriate cleaning solutions for all high touch surface areas. Standard personal hand cleaning units have also been installed in the galley (kitchen) and in each head (bathroom). Our vessels are surveyed to a maximum of 8 guests in 4 private cabins / bunk rooms – Social distancing at meal times can be considered on a case by case basis.

We urge anyone with FLU or COLD like symptoms (or simply a cough) to self-isolate and get tested for the health and well being of not only yourself, but of others around you. Our staff will not present at work if showing any signs, or a raised body temperature.

If you present at Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays with symptoms, you will be asked to self isolate and we will not allow you to board our beautiful vessels. 

During this enforced global shut down, our team at Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays have continued to support local Reef Restoration projects; and have continued to support the magnificent Master Reef Guide program, and all opportunities to work with the team at the Proserpine Indigenous Reference Group and our local Black Coffee movement:

We have missed you all.
It is great to have our guests back in Ngrao Sea Country
and throughout the Ngaro Islands of the Whitsundays.
Our Great Barrier Reef Marine Park home.

We do more than just charter the Whitsundays' best boats !