the master reef guide and NGARO experience

skippered by a master reef guide and marine biologist!

If you’re passionate like us about the Great Barrier Reef, then have the ultimate aquatic experience by setting sail with your very own Master Reef Guide and Marine Biologist.


Helping Save the Great Barrier Reef

Learing the History of the Ngaro waters of the Whitsundays

Snorkelling with a Master Reef Guide and Marine Biologist

Master Reef Guide and Ngaro Experience. What is it?

Meet Josh; our Master Reef Guide.
Josh is one of the custodians of our planet that is making a difference EVERY DAY – He is a Great Barrier Reef Master Reef Guide, he is a Marine Biologist, a qualified Master 5 Skipper, a Certified SCUBA Rescue Diver and one of the nicest chaps you could wish to meet.

All Aboard and Anchors Aweigh – 6 Guests (crew) will sign on to join Josh on a Ngaro adventure like no other – Set sail across the Whitsunday Passage on the Ngaro Sea Trail and be inspired by his knowledge and his works to help re-balance our planet.

This is a 6 Day / 6 Night holiday experience under our southern skies as you return to nature and our indigenous past in a fully immersive experience – On day one of your experience you will be hosted by Josh and his honoured guest, Auntie Sue. Auntie Sue is a local elder and descendant of Gia, Juru and Ngaro. You will start with the emotional ‘Welcome To Country’, before setting sail for significant cultural sites. Josh and Auntie Sue like to mix up the story telling, with Auntie Sue talking about Josh and his First Fleet displacement and heritage, while Josh talks about Auntie Sue’s Gia and Ngaro displacement and heritage. There is no better way to experience and immerse yourself into our World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


What is a Master Reef Guide?

The Master Reef Guide program is delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, and requires a comprehensive selection and training process.

Master Reef Guides will strive to be world leading coral reef guides and interpreters sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area through engaging stories and memorable experiences.

These reef ambassadors can provide up-to-date information on the Reef, share stories of the magical World Heritage Area, and explain what you can do to make a difference.

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