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Our team and our business will ALWAYS stick to the two most important sciences:


We will never over complicate our business and our sustainable goals with industry jargon and on trend topics. This is our ‘living and breathing’ everyday Sustainable ACTION PLAN. 

This is us; this is what we do.

turtle at great barrier reef

Our Sustainability Statement


  • We will continue to be the industry leader.
  • We will be lead by our Marine Biologist, Master reef Guides and local Elders.
  • We will maintain, grow and evolve our role with the Great Barrier Reef Master Reef Guide program.
  • We will continue to offer our guests Master Reef Guide experiences.
  • We will continue to offer Ngaro Sea Trail experiences, with respectful permission and involvement from First Nations friends of Portland Roads.
  • We will continue to sponsor our team to continue our amazing Reef Restoration works around the globe, and here at home.
  • We will maintain the highest level of “Advanced Eco” Certification – Proving our actions on a global platform
  • We will maintain our “Respect Of Culture” Certification – Sharing our unique association with the Proserpine Indigenous Reference Group, the Black Coffee movement and local First Nations Elders – (Refer to OUR HERITAGE page or our BLOG for further information)
  • We will maintain our certified “Climate Action Business” certification
  • We will continually update and re-publish our book BLUE HOPE (copies on each vessel)
  • Even though our emissions are extremely low against industry standards,  we will continue to offset our carbon footprint.
  • Whilst we are still trying to establish a bonifide Reef Credit system, we will offset our footprint with Eucalyptus tree planting.
  • We will again dedicate 2 days in 2022 to tree planting activities on the mainland 
  • Further, we will donate Eucalyptus Seedlings for every new follower on Facebook and Instagram.
  • In 2019 / 2020 / 2021 and again in 2022 we will offset in excess of 50 tonnes with Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd. They plant in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt (see photos below). Our required offset commitment for 2019/2020 / 2021 was less than 40 tonnes, so we are now officially *carbon positive since July 1st 2018  *Our emissions were calculated via the Great Barrier Marine Park Authorities (GBRMPA) Tourism Emissions Calculator.
  • Our business is Office-less, Paperless and our vessels almost entirely off the grid. We will continue to reduce our footprint with every new initiative.
  • Emissions in 2022 will be verified by an independent third party to ensure that we continue on the right track.
  • We will continue to source and develop a Bio-fuel partnership I.E: Waste Cooking Oil (In Progress)
  • We will continue to KEEP ALL BOATS Off the Grid, with self-sufficient power systems from solar, smart charging, inverter and alternator charging systems (On Going)
  • Use salt-water flushing and cleaning solutions for heads (Completed)
  • Upgrade all solar systems on all boats
  • Create permanent recycle and garbage locations on each vessel (Completed)
  • Move to compostable garbage bags (Completed)
  • 100 % natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions (Completed)
  • Fuel snakes for each vessel at fuel wharf when not using bio-fuel (Completed)
  • Educate other charter companies of our initiatives (Ongoing)
  • Partner with Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd for our offsetting program (Complete)
  • Continue our drive to find a Reef Credits program for our offsetting into the future
  • Inform Tourism Whitsundays, Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia of our standards, not for the purpose of promotional efforts, but to help share our industry leading story (Ongoing )
  • Report status of initiatives on our website. 

With Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays offsetting 50 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, we are officially carbon positive. A result our team of passionate people are extremely proud of.

Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd continue to plant native trees in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region.
With our investment in this initiative, Lots of these plants are ours; AND YOURS! 

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