About Us

We are Direct Decedents of Australia’s First Fleet, who sailed here in 11 square rigged sailing ships in 1788. We were displaced citizens, criminals of the day, transported for life.

We are now passionate custodians of the Ngaro Waters and Islands of the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. We now support the displaced First Nation’s People of this region.



We are Australian owned, operated and staffed. We are locals, employing locals. We passionately employ local Ngaro Elders. 

We care as much about you and your experience, as we do for the 74 Ngaro Islands and Waters of the Whitsundays. 



To start our story, we sought permission to Sail in the Wake and Walk in the Footsteps of the Ngaro. We respectfully interpret 60,000 years of mainland Yuwibara, Koinmerburra, Barara Barna, Wiri, Juru and Gia history. And 9,000 years of Ngaro island and seafaring stories

We are one of a very small band of 

immersive businesses who care about the
Health and the Wealth of our
World Heritage

Many tourism operators simply make money

out of this extraordinary natural wonder.
We choose to make friends!
We choose to make a difference!

We can only give back to our world heritage and famous backyard with your support and your loyal custom – Thank you

We were the first bare-boat charter company in the world to become Carbon Neutral
We followed up this accolade with ticks in every box that matters.
We do not line up for trumped up tourism awards,
We get down to the business of repairing the
damage done in the past. We have been certified as a
Climate Action Business and we have been certified as an Advanced Ecotourism Operator
We proudly stand proud of our Recognition of Culture certification. 

We employ a Marine Biologist, Josh, who is a certified Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Master Reef Guide. He is also a Master 5 Skipper and SCUBA Rescue Diver. Alongside Josh, we have Ed, another extraordinary Master Reef Guide, who also doubles up as a Yacht Master and Master 5 Skipper

We are all sailors, rather than business people.
Our team is complimented by 2 x Master V Skippers, 

2 x Coxswains and 2 x SCUBA PADI Rescue Divers.

The most dedicated team of briefers 

and turn-around specialists.

We work in, support and sponsor
Reef Restoration Projects
Here and around the world.

Short History

In 1988 we sailed the east coast of Australia, stumbling across our slice of ‘human harmony’ In a small tidal bay, just south of the most northern tip of Australia, Cape York. 
Local First Nations kids were playing in the water,
An old salt crocodile was jaw agape cooling off in the shallows.
“Come ashore, come ashore”, the kids called.
So we did!

The hospitality was matched by the tranquil ‘off the beat’ and geographical beauty of the area – This slice of paradise was called – Portland Roads

The seed had been sown!

What better name for our little sailing business in the
Ngaro Sea Country of the Whitsundays, than
Portland Roads?

30 plus years later and we’ve still got a crush on both locations! Welcome to Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays